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Davido rejects food served to him at a dinner

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Nigerian musician Davido actions in recent times seek to indicate that some people might be after his life or want to do something bad to him.

A few days ago at the vigil for late musician Mohbad, he was offered water by a man believed to be a member of his team on stage but he turned it down.

The video got netizens joking about the whole incident with some people also sharing their various reasons behind the rejection by the musician.

Looks like that is not going to be the only time the musician is going to show this part of him as he has once again rejected food which was already served to him at a dinner with some other stars including Ghana’s own King Promise.

Davido arrived at the table with some members of his team but upon his arrival, food had already been served on the table.

But the ‘Aye’ hitmaker after taking his seat lifted the food which had already been served and handed it over to another member of his team who was present at the table.

He then moved to pick up a new plate and dished out his food for the varieties of food laid on the table.

Watch the video below:

Check out some reactions below:

@Inkansahpeprah: “Ahunu bi p3n nti…?”

@KE_lV_iN___: “Mohbad de*th dy reach people lesson oh ???”

@DoctaDoMore: “It’s better to be careful than to be sorry though”

@Ama_kodesh: “Hw3 don’t be careful and see ?”

@RekpeteBillz: “At least , he shouldn’t die of something he could have prevented , not food for a billionaire should be a problem”

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