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DCAM launches books amidst generous donations

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Dr. Colleen Opoku Amuaben, brain behind the Ministries

Dr Colleen Amuaben Ministries (DCAM), a non-profit making organisation, has marked a significant milestone by celebrating its journey of faith and charity in a remarkable fashion.

Under the theme “Year of God’s Faithfulness- Deuteronomy 7:9,” the ministry commemorated anniversaries of various branches and initiatives within its umbrella over the weekend. 

The Ministries under Dr. Colleen Amuaben Ministries that were celebrated include the Save Them Young Orphanage (STYO) at 27 years, Precious Seed Chapel International (PSCI) at 23 years, Men and Women of Passion of Christ (MWPC) at 12 years, Voice of Widows (VoW) at 3 years, The Seed Theological Institute (STI) at 11 years, and Compassion Food (CF) at 15 years.


The highlight of the celebration was the launch of two empowering and enlightening books authored by Dr. Colleen Amuaben herself.

These books, titled “The Widow’s Plight” and “Secure Your Tomorrow Today,” promise readers spiritual guidance, personal growth, and a deeper understanding of life and faith.

Dr. Colleen emphasised the importance of these books, particularly for the less privileged, encouraging her congregants to read them.

She believes that cultivating the habit of reading will empower individuals both spiritually and physically, enabling them to contribute significantly to their families, the church, and Ghana as a whole.


However, the celebration didn’t stop at the books launch. Dr. Colleen Opoku Amuaben, the brain behind the Ministries, demonstrated her commitment to philanthropy by making generous donations to various widows and charitable causes.

The donations included 250 bags of rice, cooking oil, canned tomatoes, cooking ingredients, drinks, toiletries, among others.

Presenting the items, Dr. Amuaben explained that these acts of kindness reflect the ministry’s mission to uplift and support those in need within the country.

She expressed her gratitude for the continued support of the ministry’s members and the community, stressing the importance of spreading positivity and spiritual growth through written words.

Rev. Dr. Amuaben also reaffirmed the ministry’s dedication to helping those less fortunate.


Reflecting on her own journey as a widow, Dr. Amuaben shared her experiences and the profound impact she has had on widows and humanity.

She underscored the need for Africa to change how it treats children, widows, and orphans and suggested that government policies in Ghana regarding children and social welfare should be revisited.

Dr. Amuaben further advocated for government social workers to be present in every home to monitor and address the needs of vulnerable individuals.

Religious tolerance 

In his remarks, Awulae Agyefi Kwame II, the Omanhene of Lower Town Axim and Nsein Traditional Area, shared inspiring words regarding the journey of faith and religious tolerance during the event to celebrate Dr. Colleen Amuaben.

Recalling his own spiritual journey, Awulae Agyefi Kwame II highlighted the progression from serving in various ministerial positions in God’s service to ascending to the paramountcy. He noted that this personal journey served as a testament to the divine path that individuals may follow in their spiritual endeavors.

Awulae Agyefi Kwame II also expressed his appreciation for Dr. Colleen Amuaben’s appointment to a chieftaincy position, emphasizing that it was a significant step in the right direction. He noted that her elevation to this esteemed role was a testament to her dedication as a humble servant of God.

In a broader context, the Omanhene stressed the importance of patience and tolerance between the Christian and traditional religions. He urged Christians to move away from outdated stereotypes associated with traditional religions, particularly the notion that traditional leaders served gods. Instead, he encouraged modern-day Christians to continue serving the living God.

Furthermore, Awulae Agyefi Kwame II highlighted the evolving nature of chieftaincy and the diminishing fear associated with visits to the Palace. He noted that chieftaincy had evolved with the times, fostering a more inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.

He, therefore, underscored the importance of unity and respect among different religious communities and celebrated the accomplishments of Dr. Colleen Amuaben in her dual roles as a religious leader and a chieftaincy appointee.


The celebration was attended by prominent figures in the ministry, including Reverend Dr. Christie Doh Tetteh, Apostle Samuel Sowah, Dr. Horatious Tetteh, Prof. Spencer Duncan, and Prophet Robert Paaleh, among others. 

Musical performances by notable artists, including Uncle Ato, Reverend Mrs. Jessica Amuaben-Turay, and the group ‘Call Me Nazareth,’ added to the atmosphere of reverence and celebration. 

Dr. Colleen Amuaben Ministries has not only celebrated its milestones but also demonstrated its unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need, exemplifying the theme of “Year of God’s Faithfulness” through its actions of faith and generosity.

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