Home News DCE of Ningo-Prampram accused of prioritising tribal affiliation in sharing equal development 

DCE of Ningo-Prampram accused of prioritising tribal affiliation in sharing equal development 

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In recent times, the District Chief Executive (DCE) of the Ningo-Prampram District Assembly – NiPDA Al-Latif Tetteh Amanor has come under scrutiny for allegedly neglecting his role as a developmental agent in favor of engaging in tribalistic practices. Critics argue that instead of fostering inclusive development, the DCE has been accused of prioritizing tribal affiliations over the needs of the entire community.

Concerns have been raised regarding the allocation of resources, with accusations that projects and resources are disproportionately directed towards areas that align with the DCE’s tribal background;Ningo, leaving other parts of the district neglected(Prampram-district capital). This has sparked discontent among residents who feel marginalized and overlooked in the broader development agenda.

He is suspected to be starting up a project using 15 acres within the Ningo township. When asked, he pointed it is a court building he wants to put up and does not think the projects should all be stuck up in the capital-Prampram. The concern now is, can we trust that this project is only for a court building, looking at the vast nature of the land? Prampram already has a court with enough land for an extra structure and the old structure could be renovated instead, if truly the DCE wants to improve the court building. This has raised questions about the DCE’s commitment to fair representation and the overall well-being of the district.

Community leaders and activists are calling for transparency and accountability, urging an investigation into the allegations and demanding that the DCE refocus on his duty as a neutral developmental agent for the benefit of the entire district. The situation underscores the importance of leadership that transcends tribal lines to ensure equitable development and unity within the community.