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Docta Flow Welcomes Grammy’s Inclusion of Highlife with Glee

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Ghanaian musician, producer, and talent consultant Docta Flow has expressed his excitement at the recent inclusion of Highlife, a Ghanaian music genre, in the Grammy Awards.

Docta Flow, who won the IRAWMA award for Most Favorite Song Online at the just-ended [email protected], is the only Ghanaian and African to win that category this year.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with GhanaWeekend.com, the ‘Chichinga’ hitmaker said he believes that his recently released EP, Healing, has the potential to win a Grammy.

“My songs “Beautiful World” and “Shock” are perfect fits for the new Grammy category for Highlife music. It’s a huge opportunity for Ghanaian musicians, and that we need to work extremely hard to take advantage of it.” he said

Docta Flow is currently on a regional media tour to promote his Healing EP. He emphasised in the interview that the EP is serving its intended purpose of restoring inner peace in people.

“Healing EP is indeed healing people, and I’m thankful for the reception. Stream my songs and be ready for my flagship event, ABAASAFEST CONCERT, on September 9,” he said.

Docta Flow is a versatile musician who has won numerous awards for his work. He is a rising star in the Ghanaian music industry, and his inclusion of Highlife in the Grammy Awards is a major step forward for the genre.

You can stream Healing EP by Docta Flow on your favorite music streaming platforms below:


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