Home News Drivers in Ayawaso East angry over “unlawful” clamping down on their Vehicles 

Drivers in Ayawaso East angry over “unlawful” clamping down on their Vehicles 

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By: Roberta Modin, Magdalene Andoh and Esther Adomah Osei

Some drivers at the Ayawaso East Municipal Assembly have expressed their disgust at a private traffic regulation body designated by the Assembly, Park Right Limited for impounding their vehicles for no wrongdoing.

According to the agitated drivers, they were ticketed to pay between GHC180 to GHC350 on the spot fine even though they disputed their offenses.

“My vehicle was impounded when I stopped at a bus stop on the Kanda Highway around TV3 to answer a call. In less than 20 seconds an official came saying I’ve been caught for stopping at a bus stop”, said one driver who spoke off camera.

“We don’t even know the rules. They are saying we shouldn’t park a bus stop”, he expressed his frustration.

In an interview with  GbcghanaOnline.com, another driver whose car was impounded at the Nima Roundabouts for parking in motorist lane, he accused the officials of taking bribe from some drivers and granting them amnesty. While those who refused to pay the bribe are dragged to the Assembly and their cars locked up in chains until their fines are paid.

The drivers also lamented the bureaucratic process involved in paying the fines saying it affects their daily income and sales.

All efforts to get the authorities to respond to the allegations leveled against them proved futile.

However, the Public Relations Officer, Christiana Soti said she is not obliged to speak on the issue.

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