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Easter Festivities: The Mall brings joy to shoppers

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By Gloria Amoh

As Easter is here again, the excitement in the air is appreciable, as people from all walks of life are eagerly celebrating.

Some are headed to the mall for some festive shopping.

The mall is filled with some activities as families, friends, and loved ones gather to find the perfect Easter outfits, decorations, and prefered gifts.

There is a colorful display of bunnies and decorations, which is beautifying various stores and creating a cheerful atmosphere for people.

Shoppers can be seen wearing light-colored dresses, stylish suits, and other adorable outfits, kids painting their faces and others are also in the salon fixing and braiding their hair. The mall is filled with chocolates, toys, candies, hampers, and home decor items.

The West Hills Mall has become a place of Easter festivities, with various activities and events for adults and kids. Children are excitedly lined up to meet the Easter bunny, eagerly waiting for their turn to take pictures and receive treats.

Craftsmen have also displayed their works where kids and adults can create their own Easter crafts, adding a personal touch to the holiday celebrations.

While shopping and witnessing other activities, some shoppers take a break to eat some delicious Easter meals. Cafes and bakeries offer a variety of mouthwatering delights. The aroma of freshly baked foods fills the air, adding to the festive spirit.

In an interview with some shoppers, they mentioned that they were there to purchase some gifts for their loved ones and have fun as well.

According to Isabella, a Salesperson, retailers specifically offer discounts and promotions during this sale to attract more customers.

As a result of this, people are drawn to the mall in search of gifts, clothes, and other Easter items. She again added that a lot of people take advantage of the discounts and promotions to purchase something they have been seeing for a while or to purchase gifts for loved ones.

Prince, a Shopper, also disclosed that he is there to have fun and watch movies at the cinema with some long-time friends.

“Sometimes watching movies alone in the house is boring, so I decided to come and have fun and watch movies with my friends,” He added.

Also, Bridgette, a shopper, highlighted that the Easter season is a time for celebrating and gathering with families and loved ones, so visiting the mall is the best option during this season. She stated that the mall provides a convenient and centralized location for people to meet, network, shop together, and enjoy each other’s company.

“The social aspect of shopping during this season makes it exciting and enjoyable for me.” She explained

As the day comes to an end, shoppers left the mall with their bags filled with Easter goodies and their hearts and faces full of joy and anticipation for the Easter Monday holiday.

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