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EPL’s ‘By the Fireside Chat’ Empowers Future Civil Service Leaders in Ghana

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Abigail Kajumba The Executive Director Of Emerging Public Leaders EPL

Emerging Public Leaders (EPL) of Ghana, an organization committed to empowering the next generation of civil service professionals has held its quarterly event dubbed: “By the Fireside (BtF) Chat.”

The primary objective of the “By the Fireside (BtF) Chat” is to establish a platform for accomplished personalities to share valuable insights centered on carefully selected themes.

These themes are thoughtfully chosen to provide guidance and inspiration to emerging leaders, nurturing resilience and excellence in their broader public service careers.

Abigail Kajumba, the Executive Director of Emerging Public Leaders (EPL), delivered a compelling presentation on the theme: “How to Influence Decision-Making for Good Governance.”

Drawing from her wealth of experience, Kajumba provided the Fellows with invaluable perspectives on navigating the intricate landscape of decision-making within the realm of public service. In her presentation, she offered insightful guidance specifically tailored to women and the younger generation.

She underscored the significance of cultivating a cohesive and united voice, emphasizing the importance of a collective stance that carries weight in effectively conveying messages and ideas.

However, she urged the Fellows to continue working together, nurturing a united voice, aimed to empower them to overcome obstacles and accomplish their objectives.

To promote good governance, she highlighted the importance of implementing legislation, policies, and gender-sensitive measures that support women’s meaningful participation in decision-making processes.

The event not only served as a platform for learning but also ignited motivation among the Fellows, encouraging them to approach their future endeavors with a steadfast commitment to good governance and the betterment of their communities.

As Emerging Public Leaders (EPL) continues its mission to shape the future of civil service in Ghana, the “By the Fireside (BtF) Chat” stands out as a beacon of inspiration and professional development for the emerging public leaders of the country.


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