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Fans of Ayisha Modi descend on Abass Sariki for saying she is just a friend

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Some fans of Ayisha Modi are throwing their weight behind her after her alleged husband Abass Sariki denied her during an interview.

Until recently, we all thought Ayisha Modi was married to Abass as she has always been referring to him as her husband and they have shared loved-up moments together but it turned out that they are not a couple.

This came up after Abass during a quick interview disclosed that Ayisha Modi was his sister, not his wife and has no plan of getting married to her.

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Topping it up, Abass warned her to stop dragging his name in the mud because he has a family and her actions are disgracing him.

After his video went viral, Ayisha Modi also responded to him by sharing their secret and also messages to back her claims that she had something to do with him.

But her fans have asked her to keep quiet as they would fight her battle for her stating that Abass can’t make this claim after Ayisha spent a lot of money on him and also made him famous.

One fan sho seems to know everything about the two shared some at the comment section of the Abass interview which is fast going viral.

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