Home Entertainment Ghana Tourism Authority stops Shugatiti from selling food in penis-shaped pots

Ghana Tourism Authority stops Shugatiti from selling food in penis-shaped pots

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The Ghana Tourism Authority has cautioned Shugatiti to desist from using her infamous genital-shaped clay pots to serve food at her restaurant.

The Ghanaian socialite and nude model who owns the eatery Pot of Shuga in Osu disclosed this development noting that she has been a target for authorities ever since she opened her business.

According to her, the state agency classified her restaurant as unsafe for children.

Ghana Tourism Authority served me a letter discouraging me from the use of my penis-shaped pot. They indicated that it isn’t safe for children. So now, we no longer serve with those pots…ever since I opened my shop, government officials have been disturbing me. You can’t operate a business in Ghana if you’re not strong,” she said.

In an interview with actor Kwaku Manu on the ‘Aggressive Show’, Shugatiti indicated that Ghanaian lawyer Maurice Ampaw has been the root cause of constant visits from authorities.

The famous lawyer known for condemning indecent exposure by celebrities and the general public back in 2022 chastised Shugatiti and urged authorities to close down her restaurant.

Shugatiti, who cannot fathom why Lawyer Ampaw has been hard on her, wonders if he’s obsessed with her.

That man, I guess he loves me, reason why he comes after me. I don’t understand him, and I haven’t offended him…I don’t have his contact details I would have called to question him. He aggressively talks about me on television meanwhile, I haven’t offended him. I have never met him,” she said.

Reacting to the lawyer’s call for the closure of her new business, she said: “I saw it as one of those things, people will always talk…I see it as normal because no one has served me with a court document. I saw it as one of those things.”

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