Home Sports Ghanaian actress commences her GWR speech-a-thon attempt

Ghanaian actress commences her GWR speech-a-thon attempt

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As part of the guidelines for the record attempt, Sarfowaa is required to meet a minimum duration of 5 minutes for every speech delivered.

She is also required not to have more than 30 seconds of pauses between the speeches she delivers.

Her speech must be a continuous activity with an option of a question and answer session provided the individual asking the questions is not within the precinct of where the speech is recorded.

Furthermore, the speeches must be impromptu, spontaneous, and it’s context must differ from the other speeches.

There is permission for the individual attempting the record to deliver the speech in any language of choice.

The current record for the longest speech marathon is held by Anata Ram KC from Nepal and stands at an impressive 90 hours and 2 minutes from August 27 to 31, 2018.

Adu Safowah will join the likes of Afua Asantewaa (sing-a-thon), Chef Failatu Abdul Razak (cook-a-thon) who have successfully attempted the GWR and are awaiting official confirmation from GWR.

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