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Green champions: Rotary E-Club reiterates commitment to environmental sustainability

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By Solomon MENSAH & Serwaa OPOKU

The Rotary E-Club of Ghana stands as a beacon of environmental stewardship, dedicated to preserving sustainability both domestically and internationally. From the verdant landscapes of Ghana to the coastal shores of the UAE, the club’s commitment to greening the planet is unwavering.

Since the launch of the initiative to plant 1 trillion trees by 2030 at the Davos Forum four years ago, numerous countries and organizations have pledged their support to safeguard the environmental ecosystem and mitigate climate change.

Amidst the frequent reports on the dire effects of climate change and the growing calls for urgent action, the Rotary E-Club of Ghana’s tree planting exercise at Accra High School in June 2023 was a proactive step in combating climate change’s devastating impacts.

Dr. Kobby Appiah-Sakyi, the Service Project Chair, noted that the tree planting exercise exemplified Rotary’s global mission and its potential for community transformation.

In 2024, the club continued its environmental efforts by organizing a successful beach clean-up and coconut tree planting event at the Regional Maritime University, in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Accra Spintex and other organizations. This event not only reinforced the club’s commitment to environmental preservation but also fostered community cohesion and action.

Expanding its impact beyond borders, the Rotary E-Club of Ghana, under the leadership of Club President Efua Abasewah Dougan, participated in a mangrove tree planting activity with the Rotary Club of Jumeirah at Ajman, UAE. This initiative aligned with the UAE’s Today for Tomorrow initiative and COP27 pledge to plant one hundred million mangrove trees, contributing to forest coverage and carbon dioxide emissions reduction.

Ms. Dougan emphasized the transformative power of collective action and reiterated the club’s dedication to greening communities and nurturing a sustainable future.

Looking forward, she said his outfit remains steadfast in its commitment to environmental preservation, showcasing the strength of global collaboration in safeguarding the planet’s ecological integrity and promoting sustainable communities.

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