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“I don’t want to disgrace you” – Burna Boy ‘warns’ American rapper Diddy

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Iconic Nigerian singer, Burna Boy, has warned legendary American rapper and record label executive, Diddy, to respect his status as a music legend to avoid being embarrassed by him on the dance floor.

The duo were recently spotted at a star-studded party. Apparently, Diddy had challenged the self-styled ‘African Giant’ to a dance battle which didn’t sit well with him.

Replying, Burna Boy said, “Hey fam, OG! I don’t think you remember you are an old man, I don’t want to disgrace you right here. Don’t call me on the dance floor, I’ve been kinging that sh*t.

“You are the king on the records, I will give you that. But don’t call me on the dance floor mehn, that will be embarrassing for you.”

Diddy executively produced Burna Boy’s Grammy-award winning album, ‘Twice As Tall’.

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