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I started smoking at age 8 – Dr. Likee

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Popular Kumawood actor, Dr. Likee, has opened up about his difficult childhood experiences.

The comedian says he got introduced to smoking at age 8.

Dr. Likee aka Ras Nene shared his past in a recent interview with Delay.

According to him, aside from smoking at a tender age, he later matured into peddling drugs as a big-time business

Ras Nene disclosed he lived with his mother’s sister, who owned a drinking spot in Tafo, one of the popular towns in Kumasi.

He said he noticed how the adults used to drink and smoke in the shop and started practicing it too.

“I worked at a bar when I was young. Sometimes, when people come to the bar, and are done smoking, I pick up the last piece from the ground and hide to smoke it. That was how it all started.




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