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In this business, we pull tapes for evidence – Mzgee replies Medikal, Shatta Wale

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In response to Medikal’s criticism, MzGee has offered video evidence to support her assertion that she asked him the right questions and didn’t do anything wrong when the two clashed on United Showbiz during the last edition.

Following Medikal’s outburst and Shatta Wale’s subsequent criticism of MzGee over her line of questioning when he was interviewing MDK in the aftermath of his successful concert, MzGee has used her Instagram platform to address the issue.

MzGee held that she is baffled as to why Medikal rejected her request for him to wish Fella Makafui, who is set to release a new movie dubbed Resonance, well.

She emphasized that Fella had sent the best wishes to Medikal on the same show only a week before and wanted him to reciprocate the gesture, nothing else.

However, Medikal took offence, which has become the main discourse hovering around social media.

Mzgee, to set the record straight, has taken Instagram to stress her vast industry experience and her capacity for professionalism.

She added that many people had not watched the interview, as evidenced by the social media criticism. She shared:

In this business, we pull tapes for evidence, dancing in the mud isn’t my style. Done this for years, my entire career was simply built on ASKING QUESTIONS and my follow-ups are always apt! (Only a few are that attentive).

The highlight of the commentary on social media tells many people didn’t watch this interview! So i thought to give you the pleasure. I’m sure there are still some discerning folks, here! There’s more …

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