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Inspiring Startups: Nurturing dreams: the inspiring journey of Cilla’s Daycare Center

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By Juliet ETEFE 

In the bustling streets of Ghana, amid the daily hustle and bustle, lies a haven for young minds – Cilla’s Daycare Center. Founded by the dynamic and energetic entrepreneur, Priscilla Naa Anyama Attuquaye, this establishment is more than just a business venture; it’s a testament to passion, determination and the unwavering belief in the potential of every child.

Read on as she shares her story with this week’s Inspiring Start-ups Column.

Educational background:

Cilla’s journey began with a solid foundation in education, graduating with honours in Strategic Communications from the African University College of Communications. Her path started at New Juaben Senior High School in Koforidua, where she pursued General Arts, laying the groundwork for her future endeavours. But how did she end up in the day-care industry?

How it all started

Before delving into the day-care industry, Cilla navigated the world of commerce, dabbling in buying and selling pure water and drinks while simultaneously holding roles as a communications officer and social media manager at various companies.

However, the turning point came when her parents fell ill simultaneously, requiring her undivided attention as their caregiver. This experience ignited the spark for Cilla to embark on her entrepreneurial journey, leading to the establishment of Cilla’s Daycare Center in her neighbourhood.

She narrated that after about eight months of taking care of her parents and realising that they are recovering, the thought of starting her own business became our priority.

“Discussing my decision with my family, including my dad, revealed a collective encouragement to pursue this venture. The realisation that it’s more fulfilling to have something of my own than working for someone else fuelled my determination.

“Observing the lack of such facilities in my area, my educational background aided in effective advertising and communication with both employees and clients,” she noted.

Cilla’s Daycare Center

Hence, going through the necessary processes from 2022, Cilla’s Daycare Center offers daycare, pre-school and child grooming services. What sets them apart is the belief in the uniqueness and intelligence of every child.

She was excited to share that her team have witnessed remarkable transformations, where initially non-verbal or physically restricted children begin to thrive and enjoy their time with them.

“The day-care business is a vibrant and fulfilling sector. It allows for the nurturing of young minds, providing a foundation for their development. Despite its challenges, the sector offers immense satisfaction as we witness the positive impact on the children under our care,” she said.


Cilla envisions Cilla’s Daycare Center as more than just a childcare facility; it’s a nurturing environment where every child’s uniqueness and intelligence are celebrated. With a steadfast vision, Cilla aims to elevate her centre to become the premier grooming centre, day-care and pre-school in Ghana, with aspirations for recognition across West Africa.

Additionally, she dreams of expanding into basic education, providing comprehensive support for children’s development.

“Looking ahead, my vision for the next five years is to establish Cilla’s as the premier grooming centre, day-care, and pre-school for children in Ghana, with recognition in West Africa. Additionally, I aspire to expand into basic education.

“As a relatively new establishment, we are currently focused on building a strong foundation and delivering excellent services. While we haven’t received specific recognition yet, our aim is to become a recognised and esteemed day-care centre in the near future,” she stated.

Cilla remains steadfast in her commitment to nurturing young minds and providing a foundation for their future success. Through her journey, she not only inspires fellow entrepreneurs but also advocates for women’s empowerment in the economic sphere, paving the way for a brighter and more inclusive future.


Like any entrepreneurial journey, Cilla encountered her fair share of challenges, including financial constraints, time management struggles and a lack of encouragement from others.

Help for start-ups

To support budding entrepreneurs like Cilla, she advocates for government intervention in the form of interest-free loans and tax exemptions for the initial years, noting that these measures would alleviate financial burdens, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on business growth without immediate tax obligations.

Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs

Cilla’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs echoes her own journey – believe in your vision, stay resilient in the face of challenges and never stop learning.

“Embrace setbacks as opportunities for growth, surround yourself with a supportive network and utilise available resources wisely. Through determination and perseverance, dreams can become reality, one step at a time.”

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