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Joeboy Explores The Depths of Love and Life in “Body, Soul & Spirit” EP

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Derived from the rich tapestry of his May 2023 sophomore album, “Body & Soul,” Joeboy’s latest EP, “Body, Soul & Spirit,” extends an additional layer to his contemplations on life and love. Infusing his signature falsetto into the fluid realm of Afropop, the singer-songwriter presents introspective reflections on companionship, self-discovery, and faith.

In this musical journey, Joeboy skillfully combines brooding interrogations of romance with philosophical musings, seamlessly shifting between the emotive and the cerebral. The EP kicks off with the existential track “Only God Can Save Me,” where poignant lyrics like “My eye dey red/Many things for my head/Many things on my plate/I dey scratch bear-bear” lay bare the artist’s state of mind. An anthem to Joeboy’s unwavering focus, the infectious “24/7” follows suit, setting the stage for the revitalizing vibes of “Telephone,” which rides on shuffling percussion.

The EP’s acoustic gem, “Enemy,” invites listeners into candid reflections, providing a counterpoint to the spiritually infused lyrics of the closing track, “Surviving.” Together, these tracks maintain the EP’s introspective quality, offering a multifaceted experience that encapsulates Joeboy’s growth and musical evolution.

“Body, Soul & Spirit” stands as a testament to Joeboy’s ability to navigate the complexities of existence, blending his velvety vocals with diverse soundscapes. Each track adds a brushstroke to the intricate canvas of Joeboy’s artistic expression, inviting audiences to delve into the essence of his musical world.

Listen below.

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