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“Kumawood is dead because I was sabotaged and sidelined” – Agya Koo reveals

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Agya Koo, a well-known Ghanaian actor, attributes the decline of the Kumawood movie industry to his exclusion from roles during a certain period.

While speaking on Ezra FM, a Kumasi-based radio station, the veteran actor asserted that his absence significantly impacted the industry, emphasizing his status as the most marketable Ghanaian actor.

“They sidelined me, and now they blame the emergence of CDs for the collapse of the industry, which is not true. But they will not accept this fact,” Agya Koo lamented.

Agya Koo reminisced about the once vibrant Kumawood industry, noting that his name was synonymous with Ghanaian cinema, especially among the Ghanaian diaspora, notably in the USA.

He emphasized that inquiries about Ghanaian movies would invariably include a key question: “Is Agya Koo part of the cast?”

This, according to him, was evidence of his unmatched marketability and influence at the time until he was sidelined.

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