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Man sets records by preparing food in three minutes

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The Guinness World Record has become one of the popular things that has been trending since the latter part of the year 2023 till date.

People are just breaking records so their names can be featured in the records books and the latest person to join the list is a Ugandan national who prepared a special dish in three (3) minutes.

A well-known content creator from Uganda named Raymond Kahuma set a record for the quickest time to make three chapatis.

The YouTuber accomplished the feat in 3 minutes 10.22 seconds at a cookout in Nairobi, according to Guinness World Records.

Kahuma shared a picture of himself holding his two certificates and explaining how he made the fastest chapatti. He looked excited.

He wrote: “So, the timer starts the moment I touch the dough. The current world record time to beat is three minutes and fourteen seconds. I rolled the first chapatti, and by 20 seconds, I was done.”

Then, as required by the Guinness World Record, he placed it on a hot frying pan and attempted to give it a round feel with his fingers. He rolled the second chapati while the first was cooking, and at 54 seconds, he placed it on the pan. Then he rolled the third.

See his post below:

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