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 MINDSET with Gambrah Sampeney Kwabena Adjei: Greatest asset

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Thomas Cook, as a company, existed for 178 years and its past was very glorious.

The company has now collapsed.

Throughout its long history, the company found it most difficult to adapt to the 21st century.

The digital age has seen a revolution in travel. The technology in the Internet of Things and the rise of budget airlines have made holidays cheaper and more accessible than ever before.

The package holiday, one of their top-most packages, remained popular but customers are extremely price sensitive and Thomas Cook’s profit margins were slim.

Its history left it with expensive overheads.

As to why the company eventually folded up, it was due to the fact that it decided to stick with the past mind-set of maintaining its physical presence in the form of buildings that had travel agents within them, and kept on with the mode of how their past had been with holiday makers.

The Thomas Cook past is very awesome and great; so, let us draw a pattern out of it that seems to fit into our daily life mode

We are full of memories and fond of them as well.

For all of us to enjoy life, we must learn to see and live.

The future should be our joy.

The past is only good if it is dealt with in the context of the past.

Future is simply the time to come.

Now, how can one learn to focus on the future?

  • By making a conscious effort not to discuss the past.
  • Choose to surround yourself with hopeful people.
  • Choose to be excited about the next time prospects.
  • Choose to be imaginative.
  • Accept the fact that this loss or past memories are working to make you better.
  • Always know that every time you fail, there is something good out of it because you have learnt from an experience that didn’t work.
  • Know that the loss and the failures bring as closer to our set goals.
  • Also understand that our growth process becomes quicker because we have learnt not to waste our time on the wrong strategies again.
  • It makes us wiser.
  • Finally, we mature.

The future is your greatest asset; you can choose to align yourself well with time and chance by using the past to prepare to create your own opportunities.

Believe in the future.

Embrace the future for the future can only be better.

For example, all the beautiful cars of many years ago are not as luxurious and lovely as the current ones.

Learn to put away discussions of what could have happened and what couldn’t have.

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