Home Sports Mohammed Polo sold his family house to renovate a pitch

Mohammed Polo sold his family house to renovate a pitch

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Former Ghana international Mohammed Polo has revealed that he sold a family house to fund the refurbishment of a pitch at the University of Ghana to aid his team access a comfortable training facility.

Polo’s football Academy Golden Stars were desperately in need of a pitch to train but the Legon Park now Ajax Park was not good enough compelling the former Africa Cup of Nations winner to sell the family house in Accra to help the young players chase their dreams.

“I started the whole thing, these are pitches that already existed, Hearts of Lions Park, Nania Park, and Ajax Park,” he told Radio Gold.

“I came in the middle, I was in the middle and if you go there today you can see that it is one of the best pitches over there.

“It has been refurbished but I started and I even worked on it from scratch, I spent money, I had to sell my house for that field.” Mohammed Polo told Radio Gold Sports.”

The team later relocated to the now-inoperative Kaneshie Sports Complex which was closer to town and would afford more of the young talent the chance to train with his outfit.

Meanwhile, Mohammed Polo is planning to secure a more affordable and convenient facility to revive the Golden Stars Academy.


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