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My music genre is Afrofusion – Davido denounces Afrobeat

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Iconic Nigerian singer Davido has made an astonishing revelation that his music genre is Afrofusion but not Afrobeats.

Afrobeat is a sound that was originally pioneered by Fela Kuti. But now all African songs are termed Afrobeats. If an African artiste sings pure R&B, sounding like SZA, or Summerwalker, they put them under Afrobeats. If an African rapper raps like Drake, they still put them under Afrobeats.

Most African musicians have been boxed into the Afrobeats genre regardless of their music styles.

Some time back, Wizkid, Burna Boy and Fireboy denounced the popular genre. 

Speaking on the Business Untitled Podcast, the ‘OBO’ crooner also joined the aforementioned music stars to denounce the popular genre.

“The first place that accepted African music outside Africa was the UK before America later joined. The UK termed African music Afrobeats. I don’t get offended when we’ve been categorised as Afrobeats. I mean, we need a genre.”He said

“It could be R&B or Afropop. I call my music Afrofusion but I’m not big on ‘O put Afrofusion on my song.’ I know how long it took for African music to become mainstream.”He added

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