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Nigerian Music Act Simi Longs For Love In New Single ‘All I Want’

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Nigerian singer-songwriter, Simi has released a new tune titled All I Want, which is a call for genuine and authentic love. The single, released today, is an energetic, lyrical exploration of love’s innermost needs, conveying the underlying hunger for connection and vulnerability.

All I Want, produced by talented beatmaker Loudaaa, is a catchy combination of peppy instrumentation and poignant lyrics. The song continues deeper, exploring the primal longing for sincerity and vulnerability. Simi’s sensuous vocals glide smoothly over the mellifluous accompaniment, creating a realistic image of longing.

Simi has created All I Want, a song that is both deeply personal and immensely relevant. It demonstrates her ability to combine soulful lyricism with irresistible melodies while delivering a message that connects with audiences on a deeper level. This is more than simply a song; it’s a declaration, a plea to accept love in its purest form, and a reminder that sometimes “all we want” is the simple truth of authentic connection.

Listen here : https://song.link/i/1729482676

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