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NPA to prosecute players in petroleum downstream who engage in criminal acts

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By Lawrence Manu-Gyan

The National Petroleum Authority (NPA), has cautioned players in the downstream petroleum industry to desist from engaging in criminal acts or face prosecution.

Speaking at a media engagement in Sunyani, a representative from the legal Directorate of the NPA, Farida Ali Musah, announced that the Authority has now been granted powers to prosecute players in the downstream petroleum industry who fall foul of the National Petroleum Authority Act 2005 (ACT 691) and its regulations.

Before the granting of prosecutors power over players in the downstream petroleum industry, the NPA had to rely on the Attorney-General’s Department and the Ghana Police Service to prosecute offending players.

This made the prosecution process cumbersome. Thanks to Executive Instrument E. I 378, the Authority will now be able to handle the prosecution of wrongdoers speedily to deter unlawful behaviour within the industry.

Offences such as operating without a licence, manipulating petroleum pricing formulas, providing false information, and obstructing personnel of the Authority among others, would be subject to prosecution.

Successful prosecution, according to Farida Ali Musah, could lead to a prison sentence of 3 to 15 years, among other sentences.

Interacting with the media, the Bono Regional Manager of the NPA, Kwadwo Odarnu, mentioned that some fueling stations have already been sanctioned in the Bono Region over their failure to meet the standards of the NPA.

He consequently cautioned other stations to do due diligence in ensuring their operations fall in line with the accepted standards of the NPA or risk prosecution. 

The media engagement was aimed at making the public aware of the prosecutory powers the NPA now wields.

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