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OLAF Supports Asuoyaa Schools & Community

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In a commendable act of social responsibility, One Life Aid Foundation (OLAF), a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in collaboration with Nana Asante Boateng I, Koforidua-Akwadum Nkosuɔhene, recently made a generous donation to schools within Asuoyaa community in the Eastern Region.

The donation included Educational Materials, Sanitary Pads, School Uniforms, Footwares, Detergents, Mosquito Nets and Handwashing Basins amongst others.

Educational Materials for Enhanced Learning:
The provision of educational materials by OLAF is a pivotal step towards fostering quality education and resonates with their vision of seeing a world where “Every Child has the opportunity to quality education.”

The students of the beneficiary Schools in Asuoyaa can now have access to textbooks, exercise books, stationery, and other learning materials, which will greatly enhance their learning experience.

By providing these essential resources, OLAF has opened doors of opportunity for students who may have otherwise, lacked access to adequate learning materials.

Promoting Health and Hygiene:
In addition to educational supplies, the group also donated sanitary pads and handwashing basins.

This initiative addresses the crucial health and hygiene needs of the students.

Access to sanitary pads ensures proper personal hygiene practices, contributing to the overall well-being of the students, especially the females.

The provision of handwashing basins further emphasizes the importance of hand hygiene. These donations play a vital role in promoting good health practices among the students, reducing the risk of illnesses and absenteeism.

School Uniforms for Equality and Identity:
OLAF also offered school uniforms to the students of the three schools. This donation not only promotes equality among students but also instills a sense of belonging and pride in their school community.

Uniforms help create a level playing field, removing socio-economic barriers and fostering a sense of unity among students.

The provision of uniforms by OLAF and partners serves as a symbol of support and solidarity, motivating the students to embrace their education with confidence.

Nana Asante Boateng I, speaking in an interview with the media, disclosed that education has the power to change one’s destiny.

He recalled that he is a living testimony and example because he benefited from a scholarship from the Australian government to further his studies.

Touching on the benefits of education, the Traditional Leader, pointed out that the benefit of education does not only affect the prime beneficiary but goes a long way to ensure the benefit of future generations just as has been witnessed by such magnitude of donation as well as provision of hot meal to over Five-Hundred (500) students in Asuoyaa and its environs.

Nana Asante Boateng, I advised parents and guardians to get involved in activities that generate income in order to support the education of their wards while complimenting the efforts of NGOs and other benevolent organizations.

Speaking in an interview, Joycelyn Siaw Asamoah, Founder of OLAF, pointed out that they have been helping underprivileged communities since 2018 and it has become a yearly event. “We do select communities within the sixteen (16) regions across the country,” she stressed.

According to her, coming from a poor home doesn’t validate that you should make bad choices for yourself. “If you are from a poor home it should make you more focused and even motivate you to study meticulously.”

Officers from the Narcotics Control Commission in the Eastern Region had the opportunity to educate the students and the community at large, on the dangers of using illicit drugs and other negative effects associated with drug trafficking.

The donation by OLAF to Schools in Asuoyaa community in the Eastern Region is an outstanding example of how Non-Governmental Organisations can make a positive impact on educational institutions and the lives of underprivileged students.

The provision of educational materials, sanitary pads, school uniforms, and handwashing basins contributes significantly to students’ educational experience, health, and well-being.

OLAF’s contribution will undoubtedly inspire the students to reach their full potential, creating a brighter future for themselves and their community.

One Life Aid Foundation (0LAF) is a non-profit, non-political, and non-religious organization incorporated with the belief that all children, women, and youths in the world, no matter where they are, their religion, or nativity should have rights to good education, health care and other humanitarian rights that make their living as comfortable as it can be.

OLAF believes education is power and can empower people to grow into positive generational influences thereby eradicating poverty and other vices that plague communities.

By Kingsley Asiedy

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