Home Entertainment Passover Convention unites faith leaders to fortify believers amidst economic challenges

Passover Convention unites faith leaders to fortify believers amidst economic challenges

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Prophet William Addison, the resident pastor of Eagles House Chapel International, extended a warm welcome to Bishop H.F. Edwards and his delegation from South Africa as they gathered in Ghana for the Passover convention, resonating with a collective call to strengthen faith that reverberated through the air. The convention, spanning three days, is slated to take place at the Eagle House Chapel International located in Achimota Golf Hills.

Addressing the media team that welcomed the delegation, Prophet Addison confronted the prevalent issue of wavering faith among Christians with resolute conviction amidst the backdrop of economic challenges. He emphasized that genuine faith in Christ transcends economic turmoil, asserting that those rooted in their faith remain unwavering in the face of adversity. While acknowledging the harsh economic realities, he underscored that this challenge is a global phenomenon, not confined to any particular nation.

Meanwhile, Bishop Edwards, the esteemed founder and senior pastor of Perfecting Church International in South Africa, added his voice to the discourse on faith, highlighting the transformative power of embodying Christ in everyday life. With Easter approaching, Bishop Edwards urged believers to radiate the essence of Christ, drawing non-believers towards the beauty of the Christian faith.

Embracing the true essence of Easter, Bishop Edwards underscored the redemptive work of Christ on the cross, affirming that Christianity stands firm on the foundation of His sacrifice. Through His death and resurrection, believers receive the gift of faith, empowering them to fulfill God’s work and witness the fulfillment of His promises in their lives.

As anticipation mounted for the Passover convention themed “Divine Exemption through the Blood,” the convergence of faith communities symbolized a unified front in seeking spiritual renewal and divine intervention. Prophet Addison extended a heartfelt invitation to all, promising a transformative encounter with God amidst the challenges of the times.

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