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“People are stressed , they need entertainment”-KOD fires Eastwood Anaba

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Kofi Okyere Darko, popularly known as KOD, a well-respected Ghanaian broadcaster and fashion icon, has offered his perspective on Rev Eastwood Anaba’s recent criticism of churches placing excessive emphasis on singing and dancing during their services. The founder and leader of Fountain Gate Chapel expressed concerns in a viral video about the growing prevalence of entertainment in churches, suggesting that many would struggle to survive without the lively elements of music and performance.

In his critique, Rev Eastwood Anaba argued that the entertainment components, including singing, drumming, dancing, and musical instruments, sometimes overshadow the primary purpose of the church, which is to focus on the word of God. He remarked, “When you go to these churches, sometimes I just imagine. If there is no drum, there is no organist, there is no guitarist and you take away all the music and the entertainment, many of our churches will die. I mean, you remove that, it will be like the oxygen support has been removed, and that is because the entertainment in our churches, sometimes, I think is too much.”

In response to the clergyman’s assertions, KOD, the CEO of the esteemed 1957 fashion brand, shared a contrasting viewpoint on Facebook. He believes that entertainment has a valid place in church settings, emphasizing its role in helping individuals cope with the stresses of life. KOD’s perspective highlights the importance of a balanced approach, acknowledging the significance of entertainment in providing comfort and solace to congregants amidst the challenges they face.

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