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Police Patrol Team ‘Apprehends’ Three Officers For Providing Security On A Disputed Land

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A near bloody clash between two police groups at Martey Tsuru, a community within the East Airport Residential area of Accra over the weekend, has exposed another web of corrupt practices perpetrated by some senior officers at the Property Fraud unit of the Ghana Police Service.

A police patrol team from the regional headquarters in the early hours of Saturday the 2nd of December 2023- had apprehended three armed police officers from the Property fraud unit of the National Headquarters who were providing security for some alleged landguards and artisans working on a disputed land within the Martey Tsuru east airport area.

According to sources, the said land belonging to the Martey Tsuru family is being claimed by a businessman who is alleged to be enjoying the backing of his close pal who also doubles as a top officer at the police property fraud unit.

Reports said the disputed land has been under police investigation awaiting a search report from the Lands Commission, with factions in the case being asked to stay clear off the land until the true ownership of the land in question is determined.

However, right after the directive, the said businessman with the support of his police pal, moved men and laborers onto the disputed land to work ass against the directive of the police command.

That notwithstanding, three officers were assigned by one Superintendent Bawa of the Property Fraud unit to offer special protection to the labourers as against an earlier directive for both disputing factions to stay off the land.
This prompted the other faction which happens to be the Martey Tsuru royal family to notify the police command about the development, leading to a patrol team being dispatched to the area to stop the ongoing work.

The arrival of the patrol team nearly resulted in a bloody clash between the 3 officers from the Property fraud unit who had been assigned by the superior to offer police protection to the workers of the businessman.

After several back and forth, the 3 officers had to coy into the demand of the patrol team to leave the area since their presence there was a clear contrast to an earlier directive on the case.

Speaking in an interview, Chief of the area and principal head of the Martey Tsuru family, Nii Laryea Martey Tsuru VI, blamed the nearly bloody clash between the two police groups on the unprofessional conduct of Superintendent Bawa of the Property Fraud Unit who had assigned the three police officers to provide security on the disputed land to allow one faction work while the outcome of their investigations is yet to be determined.

He said the actions of Superintendent Bawa in the matter have given them enough reasons to believe that most of the land litigation cases being witnessed in the capital are being by the property fraud unit with the said officer as its operations officer.


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