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“Respect yourself” – Michy insults and attacks Medikal in public – Video causes a stir

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Michy is not taking things lightly this time with Medikal regarding her only beloved son Majesty as she has confronted the latter in public over suppposed comments of the latter.

Angry Michy has attacked Medikal at Blogger Ghkwaku’s birthday party for lying about paying her son’s (Majesty) school fees for a year in an interview.

In the viral video, Medikal seemingly embarrassed took time and explained to Michy that, his interview was not about her son Majesty but rather about Island whose school fees Shatta Wale paid for a year.

Shatta Michy who was not ready to listen to Medikal’s explanation went on to unleash her venom on the rapper and as well threaten Medikal to be careful when dealing with her.

Michy called Medikal out for always copying Shatta Wale blindly and following him without brains.


Meanwhile, this was the Interview Medikal granted. He talked about Shatta Wale paying Island’s school fees for a year and not Majesty.

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