Home Entertainment Rising Ghanaian Afro-Fusion Singer, Mega EJ releases new song, “Taya”

Rising Ghanaian Afro-Fusion Singer, Mega EJ releases new song, “Taya”

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With current struggles arising in communities and the wave of drug influence hitting the youth, “Taya” is a statement for all who are against vile activities by corrupt leaders which has impacted on their citizens negatively. 

Born Johnson Elike Kondobrey, Mega EJ, a Ghanaian Afro-fusion Singer and Songwriter has teamed up with Germany-based Producers, pappuy and Favela to register his discomfort about the wary economic situation in his home region, Ghana on a new song titled, “Taya”, released under Yaadie Supply.

Listen to “Taya” by Mega EJ on Boomplay;

Experimenting with sound and fusing genres curated by Pappuy; a Germany based producer, and mixed and mastered by Favela, and Bass Guitar by Nee Mantse, “Taya” depicts a story of beautiful town which is be stained by the activities of incompetent and corrupt leaders. Also, forecasting the repercussions of their activities, Mega EJ warns of possible instability if the youth are awakened and demand accountability from these corrupt leaders.

Again, Mega EJ invites you to embrace a sound that breaks free from conventions and celebrates the power of musical exploration. This song is not just a track; it’s a testament to Mega EJ’s commitment to pushing the limits and leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving music scene. 

Listen to “Taya” by Mega EJ here; (https://linktr.ee/MegaEJ)


In the early days, he recalls skipping classes and driving to Hohoe, a town in the Volta Region of Ghana, for his first recording. From pursuing his dreams to earning over organic 50k plays in the US in the past year over his favorite song Feel Am for Body, Mega EJ clearly has the road ahead of him spotted with stardom and greatness. 

He believes his music serves a bigger purpose of impacting lives. Mega EJ is never afraid to delve into his spirituality, and draw inspiration from the world around him, tapping into the sounds of Reggae, Jazz, Rap, and other diverse genres. Out of his loved genres, his musical influences are Chronixx of Jamaica, Worlasi of Ghana, and Burna Boy of Nigeria, hoping to perform with them on world stages someday.

Mega EJ released his first single on all digital distribution platforms in 2018 and since then has released personal EPs, a collab EP, and a charting album in 2021. His most recent EP, Amber, with four songs, exudes a feeling of softness and peace toward the listener to be appreciated.

 The future of Mega EJ is written in the stars. In a couple of years, it will be no surprise to see him headlining arenas worldwide with superstar exposure. As an artist who is constantly on a reflective journey, advice he would give to his younger self is that there is never a reason to panic. Everything passes – advice passed down to him that he holds dearly in his daily walk of life.

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