Home Entertainment ‘Serious Juju’ – Kwaku Manu unveils the dark side of Kumawood

‘Serious Juju’ – Kwaku Manu unveils the dark side of Kumawood

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Controversial Kumawood actor, Kwaku Manu, has unmasked a disturbing practice that plagues the industry, involving individuals resorting to mystical measures to impede their colleagues’ advancement in the film sector.

Kwaku Manu shared his apprehension about actors and actresses utilizing these mystical practices to derail their prosperous peers’ careers.

Specifically, he highlighted a disturbing trend where some industry members seek the aid of fetish priests to mastermind the downfall of their flourishing counterparts.

The seasoned actor stressed the significance for aspiring actors to cultivate a deep connection with their faith in God, which can serve as a protective shield against potential attacks, emphasizing the importance of adhering to a righteous path in entertainment.

Kwaku Manu’s revelations have ignited discussions within the Kumawood community, prompting closer scrutiny of ethical behaviour and practices within the industry.

His concerns underscore the need for a healthier and more supportive work environment for all actors and actresses in the Ghanaian film sector.

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