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Shatta Wale does not need a dictator as a manager at this point in his career – Sammy Flex

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Sammy Flex

Manager of Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale, Sammy Flex has disclosed what has kept him cordial to be able to manage the ‘controversial’ artiste.

Speaking in an interview with Nana Yaw on Onua Showbiz, Sammy Flex said Wale only needs a helper to support with his decision-making at this point in his career and not a dictator to tell him what to do.

He noted that Shatta Wale is now an “institution on his own” and not a new artiste to be taught what to do in his career.

Flex believes anyone able to chart this path will be able to work with the artiste amicably without any agitations.

“At this point what Wale needs is a helper. He is not a new artiste to dictate to him what to do, he has passed that stage and now an institution himself and as an institution he directs the path himself. So if you are able to do these things I think he will be so satisfied and I think that is what Sammy Flex is doing right…that is what I have also devoted my time doing to support the brand,” he said.

Sammy Flex stressed that the artiste with his vast experience has been through the mail in the music industry and knows what works for him better.

Thus, he only requires an individual to support and assist with his decision-making.

Shatta Wale had earlier on the same show applauded his manager Sammy Flex for giving him a listening ear and providing exactly his demands as an artiste.

According to Shatta Wale, the previous managers he’s worked with always look out for different demands not aligned with what he desires.

He noted that Sammy Flex really understands him best than all the previous managers he has worked with.

“What I want to say about Sammy Flex is that he is the Moses for Shatta Movement. What Sammy Flex is doing is just listening and I love that…What I would like to commend him for is that he’s been patience to follow what is going on. All the managers that I have worked with, if I say I want Gari then they will give me chicken,” he told host, Nana Kwame Gyan.

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