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Sika-Wiafe Stephen Highlights Plight of Newly Admitted Students in Letter to NUGS President

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Sika Wiafe Stephen

In a heartfelt letter addressed to the President of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS), Sika-Wiafe Stephen, a member of the NUGS Youth Outreach Directorate and Immediate Past SRC President for AAMUSTED, has raised concerns about the challenges faced by newly admitted students in second cycle institutions. The letter, which emphasizes the need for immediate attention to these issues, calls for broader consultation with the Ministry of Education to find lasting solutions.

Highlighting the unprecedented disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Sika-Wiafe Stephen acknowledges the efforts made by authorities to adapt to the new normal. However, he draws attention to the worsening plight of students within second cycle institutions as the academic year progresses.

Sika Wiafe Stephen And Nugs
Sika Wiafe Stephen And Nugs

One of the key issues highlighted in the letter is the inadequate timeframe between the release of school placements and the stipulated reporting time. Sika-Wiafe Stephen points out that this short notice has placed a heavy burden on students and their guardians, resulting in logistical hurdles, stress, anxiety, and emotional unpreparedness. The constrained timeframe has also raised concerns about the students’ ability to adjust academically in such a limited period.

Additionally, the letter highlights the challenges faced by institutions in accommodating the influx of newly admitted students. Despite the anticipation of a large number of students, the preparations to receive them fell short, leading to favoritism and a lack of trust in the registration process. This unfortunate turn of events has not only demoralized students and guardians but also raised questions about the fairness of the system.

Sika-Wiafe Stephen’s plea to the NUGS President is to engage in broader consultation with the Ministry of Education to address these pressing issues. Recognizing the need for lasting solutions, he emphasizes the importance of finding ways to alleviate the burdens faced by newly admitted students and their guardians.

Sika Wiafe Stephen And Nugs
Sika Wiafe Stephen And Nugs

The letter serves as a call to action for the NUGS President and the wider student community. It sheds light on the challenges faced by students in their pursuit of education and advocates for a more inclusive and supportive system. Sika-Wiafe Stephen’s dedication to student advocacy and his position within the NUGS administration add weight to his concerns, urging swift action to ensure the well-being and success of these newly admitted students.

As the NUGS President considers the letter, it is hoped that the Ministry of Education will be engaged in constructive dialogue to find effective and lasting solutions that address the logistical, emotional, and academic challenges faced by second-cycle students in Ghana

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