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Super Bowl Half-Time Show: Alicia Keys joins Usher on stage

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Usher, the R&B king, set the Super Bowl on fire with a dazzling halftime show, packed with hits, celebrity guests, and even roller skates.

Dressed in white, surrounded by energetic dancers, Usher emerged on the Las Vegas stage, launching into the iconic “Caught Up.” His 45-year-old self proved age is just a number, showcasing his impressive dance moves and a career’s worth of hits.

Fitting 30 years into 13 minutes was a challenge, he admitted, but cramming in recognizable tunes was an admirable feat.

Acrobats swirled, a brass band spelt out “USHER” on the field, and Usher effortlessly switched between club anthems and smooth jams.

Some songs got full verses, others mere snippets, like “Superstar,” where he sang “Spotlight, big stage, 50,000 fans screaming in a rage,” capturing the show’s magnitude.

His dancers’ vibrant costumes complemented his performance, Adding to the spectacle. Then, the first guest arrived: Alicia Keys, a vision in red, belted out “If I Ain’t Got You” on a giant red piano.

They joined forces for their 2004 smash “My Boo,” a sweet reunion in a night full of them.

Keys departed, and guest stars arrived in quick succession. Producer Jermaine Dupri joined for “Confessions Part II,” his bare legs sparking online humour. Ballads seamlessly blended with club anthems, allowing Usher to catch his breath, show off his vocals, and, crucially, take off his shirt.

Even performing slow jams like “Burn” and “U Got It Bad,” he couldn’t stay still, captivating the entire stadium. Flames engulfed the stage during “Burn,” a visually stunning moment.

H.E.R. delivered a rousing guitar solo during “U Got It Bad” before launching into “Bad Girl” as Usher disappeared for a costume change. He re-emerged on roller skates, ready for his collaboration with Will.i.am on “OMG” – a fitting reaction from the crowd. He recreated his viral skating sequence from his Vegas residency, miraculously staying upright.

One minor hiccup: the sheer number of cameos in the second half almost overshadowed the star himself. While the rumoured Justin Bieber collaboration never materialized, the stage became crowded with dancers and guests. Lil Jon’s surprise appearance for “Turn Down For What” hinted at what was next.

When the charismatic Ludacris finally arrived, the anticipation erupted. Together, they launched into a pulsating rendition of Usher’s defining hit, “Yeah!” The Super Bowl stage had never seen such energy, leaving the crowd breathless and wanting more.

It was a night where Usher, with his hits, guests, and even roller skates, proved he truly is the king of R&B.

Check all the songs he performed below

  1. Caught Up
  2. U Don’t Have To Call
  3. Superstar
  4. Love in this Club
  5. If I Ain’t Got You – duet with Alicia Keys
  6. My Boo – duet with Alicia Keys
  7. Confessions Part II – feat. Jermaine Dupri
  8. Burn
  9. U Got It Bad – feat. H.E.R.
  10. Bad Girl (interlude) – performed by H.E.R.
  11. OMG – duet with will.iam
  12. Turn Down For What – performed by Lil Jon
  13. Yeah! – feat. Lil Jon and Ludacris

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