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The song belongs to Kuami Eugene – Producer of ‘Canopy’ addresses allegations of song theft

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The producer of Highlife star Kuami Eugene’s latest hit, “Canopy” Gye Poppin has debunked allegations that the Lynx Entertainment signee stole the song from rapper Kwame Yogot.

Kuami Eugene released the song just days after his near-fatal car accident at Dzorwulu in Accra.

Departing from the conventional themes often found in mainstream music, “Canopy” offers a refreshing take on overtaking challenges.

Amidst the fervour surrounding the song’s debut, a storm of controversy has brewed. A video circulating on social media alleges that Kuami Eugene may have appropriated the song without proper authorization.

The footage features an individual asserting that the song rightfully belongs to fellow artiste Kwame Yogot, who had intended its release.

But in a video sighted by GhanaWeekend, the producer of the song, Gye Poppin clarified that “Canopy” belongs solely to Kuami Eugene and outlined the collaborative process behind the track.

According to him, Kuami Eugene proposed the idea of featuring Malcom Nuna, Lasmid, and Kwame Yogot in the song. Subsequently, all parties agreed to collaborate, and the recording took place as per the arrangement.

Expressing disappointment in Kwame Yogot’s accusations, Gye Poppin condemned the dissemination of false information and the sharing of a previous recording featuring Yogot’s verse.

He emphasized that such actions tarnish the reputation of the 2020 VGMA now TGMA ‘Artiste Of The Year’ winner.

Gye Poppin divulged extensively that if he were in Kuami Eugene’s position, he would not hesitate to pursue legal recourse to address the matter effectively.

Yogot, what you did wasn’t good. I consider you a brother, I should have told you that. If I were Eugene, I would sue you. You don’t know much about the song. I was with Kuami when he asked me to create something, so we came up with the idea. After that, Kuami added a few sounds and said he wanted Lasmid, Malcom Nuna, and you on the song. We recorded everything and even invited you to record your part. Now you’re upset because we decided not to use your verse. Then you told bloggers to say Kuami stole your song. Kuami has helped you a lot, you shouldn’t do this. I don’t know if you’re frustrated, I can’t understand why you’re doing this. But you know the song isn’t yours. Even I, who produced the song, haven’t spread lies like you did. Think carefully before you act, you never know what might happen in the future. You might make people believe it’s your song that Kuami stole. You shouldn’t do this. If I were Kuami Eugene, I’d sue you. Why did you and some bloggers say the song is yours and Kuami stole it? You didn’t do the right thing at all.”  he said.


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