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”We miss Mcbrown”: 3 Guests MzGee fought on United Showbiz after taking over from Mcbrown

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United Showbiz host, MzGee has not had a smooth ride since she took over from actress and pioneer Nana Ama McBrown. The seasoned journalist has had a few issues with her guests on her show during a live broadcast that has seemed to question her work ethic.

These confrontations with top media personalities have been widely discussed and criticized by industry stakeholders and fans.

Ghanaian media personality MzGee has had a few sparring matches with some guests on her show, including Abeiku Santana and Empress Gifty. The astute host exhibits an iron grip when moderating her show. MzGee faced many criticisms during her takeover from Nana Ama McBrown as host of United Showbiz.

The senior entertainment journalist has had to stay grounded in her principles while handling a group of intelligent, strong-willed Ghanaian celebrities on her show.

Abeiku Santana, who once called MzGee the best journalist in Ghana, was not so pleased with her that. The United showbiz host decided to moderate her show on August 5, 2023.

The seasoned journalist called MzGee out for fuelling and running the show on negativity. According to him, it’s time the show hosts championed beneficial discussion that could lead to national growth. His scolding did not sit well with MzGee, who asked him to respect her as the show host and not criticize her openly in front of other guests and a live audience.

Empress Gifty nearly went ballistic on United Showbiz when MzGee asked her a question questioning her business skills as a musician.

According to MzGee, the gospel singer spends her time on social media giving relationship advice. At the same time, people do not know about her latest songs. Empress Gifty did not take this lightly and proceeded to school the United Showbiz host on how much work and money goes into her music career.

The gospel singer added that her activities on social media are geared towards promoting her song in a unique way. She explained that during her relationship counselling sessions on Facebook, she plays her song and others to entertain and inform her fans.

”We miss Mcbrown”: 3 Guests MzGee fought on United Showbiz after taking over from Mcbrown

Just last week, towards the end of the show, while Mr Logic was still giving his closing statements, MzGee rudely intercepted the artiste manager. She ordered him to wrap up his submissions because the audience was tired and probably yawning like he was.

This intrusion ruffled Mr Logic’s feathers, making him reply in equal unbridled energy. He pointed out that the United Showbiz host was not being fair to him as she had made the other panellist speak for more than seven minutes at a time. He further told MzGee that she should respect him as a senior colleague in the business.

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