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West Hills Mall death case docket referred to Attorney General

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The docket and pathology report on the man who died at the West Hills mall have been submitted to the office of the Attorney General for advice.

32-year-old Shadrack Arloo was confirmed dead at a hospital after video footage revealed some individuals attacking him while handcuffed on the floor.

The family of the deceased has since accused the police of negligently causing the death of their relative.

They claim a police officer caused his arrest and left him in the hands of bystanders, who allegedly assaulted him until his untimely death.

But the police pathology report revealed that the deceased had swallowed a substance believed to be a narcotic drug, which affected his breathing.

The case has been adjourned to March 2, 2023. It emerged that the suspect died of asphyxiation and obstruction of his airway by a foreign body, a police autopsy report confirmed.

According to the autopsy report, the deceased had actually ingested what the police believed to be marijuana.

The police pathologist found eight zipped packets of dry leaves that were likely drug-related in the deceased’s throat, tied with a piece of black polythene.


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