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With 5 months to end his tenure, Kurt Okraku is conducting subtle campaigns while refusing to release elections time-table — Ghana Sports Online

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Over the past few days we have witnessed subtle campaigning by the President of the Ghana Football Association and his cohorts with commissioning of boreholes, visiting and donating to some needy FA technical team members and a media blitz of some sorts extolling the President’s good deeds.

That’s not a bad thing to do considering that the President’s term of office will end on Wednesday, 25th October, 2023 and the signals are that he would likely vie for re-election.

However, we are gathering that certain happenings which bothers on clear breaches of the GFA Statutes and the real intentions behind this “campaign” ought to be questioned.

Is it to steal a head start or its for something sinister.

We understand that persons close to the FA President have contacted some clubs and asked them for an endorsement on his nomination to continue as President.

Last week, the GFA wrote to all Women Premier League clubs to attend a seminar in Kumasi and also witness the finals of the Women Premier League between Ampem Darkoa and Hasaacas Ladies.

Interestingly, when the CEO’s arrived in Kumasi for the seminar, they were directed to the Dr. Kyei Sports Complex and after the match, were ushered one at a time, into a room at the stadium. Upon entering, one Ama Brobbey who is the Events Manager and a known member of the Game Changer Team allegedly asked each CEO to endorse the nomination forms of Mr. Okraku.

Ordinarily some may say there is nothing wrong if one decides to solicit for votes but the catch here is that the GFA has neither set up an Elections Committee to deal with the modalities of the elections nor rolled out a Road Map for the elections be it Presidential or for the Executive Council.

So the questions which begat asking is that ‘what nomination forms are being endorsed? and why at this time?’

Who issued the forms? when were they issued? What is the purpose behind asking for an endorsement when the forms have not been issued officially by the FA? To what end would these signed forms be used for?

The FA has over the years been tagged as not being transparent and continues to suffer from credibility issues in the public domain.

It is only proper that the GFA is open in all its affairs and not create the impression that it is turning into a personality cult.

We urge the FA to disabuse the minds of all by answering these questions.

If it is also that the FA has the Road Map ready, then it should roll it out to enable all wishing to contest abide by it.

Source: Concerned Ghanaian football enthusiasts. 

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