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You are a fool if you marry a lady who is always twerking online

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A life coach identified as Solomon Buchi has gotten his name in the bad books of slay queens after saying they are not marriage materials.

According to him, any lady who sits online only to shake her buttocks is not suitable to be called a wife or a mother.

He claimed that certain basic viewpoints are necessary for marriage and that wives should view themselves as priceless gifts free from “sexual flamboyance.”

He explained that any man who decides to marry a woman of this nature is a fool.

Taking to his Twitter handle, he posted: “A man who marries a woman who twerks online for a living is a fool. It’s like demanding fidelity from a stripper —or expecting an airplane from a seaport.

Any woman who shamelessly sells sensuality through dance, music or any other content style has no business getting married, and you have no business marrying her. Why marry a whore and complain she’s a whore?

Marriage demands basic conservatism—wives must carry themselves like priceless gifts, without sexual flamboyance; modest and worthy of emulation by younger women. Your body belongs to your husband and vice versa, and flaunting it for strangers is gross irreverence for marital sanctity. If she can shake her bum for strangers, she will possibly shake it for a strange man, and the strange man will ‘jokingly’ touch her, and they’ll ’jokingly’ commit adultery.

And you are the fool who married her because you believe that external conduct does not matter. No well-thinking and a raised man marries a woman who’s loose and cannot be a good perfect model to his daughters. Unless he’s not committed to the marriage, but if he is, one day, he will get tired and want out. Marriage is not child’s play.

“I know a lady who’s a pr*stitute and has a happy home.”

That’s absolute nonsense! Absolute rubbish. If you’re shaking your bum online, you CANNOT be a good wife and mother. Argue with me, but life doesn’t care about exceptions. Stop defending immorality.”

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