Home News “Afrobeats is not a sin, it’s a sound”- Scott Evans

“Afrobeats is not a sin, it’s a sound”- Scott Evans

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By Seli Baisie

Some individuals within the gospel music community perceive Afrobeats as a ‘worldly song or a sin’ but the fast-rising Afro/Urban Gospel musician, Scott Evans, demystifies this notion saying ‘Afrobeats is a sound developed by humans and has no correlation with sin.

The reasons for these perspectives can vary based on personal beliefs, cultural influences, or religious convictions.

“Afrobeats is not a sin. It’s a sound that has been discovered by humans. People think it’s a sin. All these sounds we had before Afrobeats were sounds developed by humans,” Evans posited.

In a recent appearance on Metro TV’s Entertainment Review show, Scott Evans, the Afro-Gospel star, shattered stereotypes by boldly stating that Afrobeats should not be deemed a sinful genre. 

Known for his hit track “Ma Pe K3,” Evans advocated for gospel artistes to step outside their comfort zones and explore the rich tapestry of Afro Gospel.

Scott Evans, an Afro-Gospel musician from Ghana, is renowned for his captivating music and uplifting message. With a unique blend of Afrobeat rhythms and gospel lyrics, he creates a distinct sound that resonates with audiences. 

Scott’s songs, inspired by his faith and personal experiences, convey messages of hope, love, and spirituality. 

Some of his notable tracks include ‘Ma pe K3’, ‘Best Side’, ‘100 percent’, ‘For My Good’ among others.

Watch the interview below; (Video credit: Metro TV)

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