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Ayisha Modi unveils the face of her baby daddy; Some Ghanaians troll the man

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Ayisha Modi recently introduced the father of her baby boy and lover to the public. She shared a post on her social media platform, proudly showing off her man.

Sharing the moment online, she wrote; May you never marry someone that the devil will use to destroy your destiny. May your partner be your helper not your destroyer…Welcome my Son and my prince . I bless my maker for ur life??????. I named him after my Jur brother @stonebwoy. LIVINGSTONE ADD THE REST URSELF.”

While Ayisha showered her partner with sweet words, social media users had a different reaction. Many were not impressed with his appearance, and their comments reflected this sentiment.

Reactions to the photo included criticism of her partner’s looks, with many netizens labelling him as unattractive.

The harsh remarks were fueled by Ayisha’s controversial nature and how she often handles situations.

Social media users expected someone of Ayisha Modi’s stature to be with a man whose looks were impeccable. This discrepancy led to a flurry of negative comments and judgments.

Ayisha Modi’s decision to share her personal life sparked a significant amount of attention, both positive and negative.

The controversy highlighted the scrutiny public figures often face regarding their personal choices.

Despite the backlash, Ayisha Modi remained unfazed, continuing to express her happiness and affection for her partner.

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