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Black History Festival 2024 to unite global African diaspora in Columbus, Ohio

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Set against the backdrop of historical significance and cultural resonance, the Black History Festival 2024 is poised to grace the vibrant city of Columbus, Ohio, from February 22nd to 24th, 2024.

This distinguished event, hosted at the esteemed Columbus Marriott Airport Hotel, aspires to serve as a pivotal platform for convergence, collaboration, and commemoration among individuals of African descent spanning the globe.

Themed “The Africa we want in a global setup – Rebuilding the Trans-Atlantic Trade ties for the socio-economic and cultural advancement of the peoples of Africa and the Americas,” the festival carries a profound mission to fortify connections and engender collective advancement.

Embracing a spirit of inclusivity and embracing diversity, this year’s festival extends a warm invitation to participants hailing from all six corners of Africa.

Anticipating a gathering of over 1,000 attendees, the event promises an enriching array of engagements featuring distinguished speakers, accomplished panellists, and esteemed delegates representing Africa, the Americas, and the global African Diaspora.

Attendees can expect a diverse tapestry of activities and events throughout the festival, including the enlightening Black History Walk on the 21st, Innovation and Technology Day on the 22nd, the thought-provoking Black History Lecture on the 23rd, and the bustling Global Africa Marketplace spanning from the 22nd to the 24th.

Additionally, the Africa-Americas Trade and Development Forum will convene on the morning of the 24th, followed by the prestigious Black History Makers Awards ceremony in the evening.

To complement these intellectual pursuits, attendees will also have the opportunity to partake in entertainment activities and guided tours, ensuring a holistic and immersive experience for all.

Mr. Stephen Selasie Asuo, the Executive Coordinator of the Black History Festival 2024, articulated the profound objectives of the event, emphasizing its role in reinforcing historic ties, fostering trade and development, and celebrating cultural heritage.

Through the facilitation of collaboration and dialogue, the festival aims to lay the groundwork for future partnerships spanning policy reforms, trade agreements, professional exchanges, tourism initiatives, and beyond.

Noteworthy attendees slated to grace the occasion include Diplomatic Corps, Business Executives, Scholars, prominent figures from various sectors, members of the media, and the general public.

“We are honoured to host the Black History Festival 2024 in Columbus, Ohio, and eagerly anticipate the convergence of participants from across the globe,” remarked the festival organizers.

“Together, we shall pay homage to our shared heritage, explore avenues for collaboration, and chart a course towards a brighter future for the African Diaspora.”

The Black History Festival 2024 stands as a collaborative endeavour powered by BIDEC (Bureau for International Development, Exchanges and Commerce), with support from the One Voice Consortium, KGL Group, M&C Group Global, the Office of the President of Ghana (Diaspora Affairs Directorate), under the auspices of the African Union Mission to the USA and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).

It represents a testament to the enduring spirit of unity, resilience, and progress within the global African community.


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