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Man finds love after blind Date on Val’s Day edition of The Afternoon Show

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The Valentine’s  Day edition of The Afternoon Show served viewers with an exciting session specially designed for the season of love.

The Val’s Day edition was meant to connect two people in search of a partner for themselves.

David who is in search of a partner finally had his dreams fulfilled after his involvement in a blind date on The Late Afternoon Show.

Yeye, Perfect and Thelma were the three ladies in the studio involved in the blind date with David.  On the other hand,  David was interacting with the ladies on a zoom call at the initial stages without seeing them. An opportunity was given to David to engage the ladies and get to know them better.

David and Thelma in studio after the blind date

After a series of conversation to know the ladies more, David was given the option to choose his love between the three ladies whom he has not seen but engaged for some time.

Eventually, David chose Thelma as his newly found partner amongst the three ladies.

He subsequently joined Thelma in studio to present a rose flower and get to see his newly found partner while enjoying some moments with her.

“I like her,” David said after meeting Thelma in studio.

Although both have not begun a full blown relationship, this is expected to be a start off for each other and lead to a committed relationship hopefully.

The Late Afternoon Show is a new program on the TV3 channel from Mondays to Thursdays from 2 pm to 4 pm.

Hosts Anita Akufo and Godwin Namboh will bring you trending topics in entertainment, sports and business and other exciting contents.

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