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Current crop of musicians are not united – Ded Buddy [Video]

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Legendary Hiplife artist Ded Buddy has sparked a conversation with his recent comments on the state of the music industry.

Born Eric Turkson, Ded Buddy was widely admired for his R&B style of songs such as ‘Yebesa’, which made him a toast back in the day. He travelled to seek greener pastures and is now back in the music scene with a new single dubbed ‘Favour’.

In an exclusive interview with GhanaWeekend, the hiplife pioneer lamented the lack of unity among contemporary artists compared to his generation.

“Back in our day, there was a strong sense of unity… We didn’t have the same media presence now, but we were focused on releasing albums and building genuine connections with each other… we were more united… The bond was much stronger as compared to the current generation” He lamented

“At the end of the day, we’re all artists making music…I believe we should come together and support each other more. Imagine the impact we could have if we united as a force.” He added

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