Home Entertainment Forever a slayqueen” – Fans’ reaction as Moesha returns to the club

Forever a slayqueen” – Fans’ reaction as Moesha returns to the club

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Fans have reacted to a video that has resurfaced on social media about Ghanaian socialite Moesha Boduong.

GHPAGE had earlier published a story on Moesha’s return to the highlife after her so-called encounter with God which kept her in hibernation for a while.

The content of the earlier story read:

“Moesha was recorded dancing, whining her waist and twerking at a nightclub. Though there is nothing bad about her dancing, questions were asked as to whether everything was alright with her.”

Forever a slayqueen" - Fans' reaction as Moesha returns to the club

“This became very important because she had explained that she is now a new creature and has given her life to christ therefore she was letting go of all her bad/worldly life.”

“After the video went viral, she came out to apologize explaining that she has become a fun of dancing and that she always gets on the dancefloor when she hears a song being played.”

Reacting to the video, many have said there is absolutely nothing that changes Moesha. In other words, Moesha yearns to have fun, so no amount of spiritual cleansing could ultimately take away the slayqueness in her.

@jeff_owusu1 wrote: I always say this; any woman who belongs to the streets will forever belong to the streets, you can never change her

@kalayjaystupid wrote: When they get depressed and beat down by life they’ll come and be claiming they found God. By their fruits you’ll know them!

@darksindude wrote: The body do like shs Kenkey. Eno be hard eno be soft ebe what?

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