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I once smoked “weed” in secondary school- Dr. Lawrence Tetteh

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By: Roberta Gayode Modin

The President of Worldwide Miracle Outreach has cautioned Ghanaian youth against peer pressure to avoid ending up in bad companies that will corrupt their moral values.

According to the tele-evangelist, God saved him from the destruction of drugs.

“I remember I once smoked weed in secondary school. I saw the sky close, and I wanted to jump and touch it”, Dr. Tetteh recounted his treacherous childhood adventures to Kafui Dey.

“The first time I preached and I said it at the North Kaneshie Assemblies of God, my parents cried. My father asked me if I really did that and I said yes. I smoked the thing and I saw the sky very close and I was wondering why nobody was touching the sky so I wanted to touch it”, he further revealed on the GTV Breakfast Show.

He also added that his action was influenced by his peers and after that experience, he disciplined himself to stay away from weed. 

Dr.Tetteh made this revelation in response to Parliament’s passage of a law to allow the industrial production of cannabis.

On July 12, 2023, Ghana’s legislatures successfully amended the Narcotics Control Commission bill to the cultivation of cannabis.

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