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Burna Boy Previews 7th Studio Album With New Single ‘Big 7’

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Nigerian Afrobeats phenomenon, Burna Boy has unquestionably had a phenomenal career in music, bringing Afrobeats to a level of acclaim and recognition on a global scale. Burna Boy has established himself as a legitimate pop sensation, fulfilling the aspiration of innumerable musicians to perform in stadiums and arenas. And he doesn’t appear to be slowing down; rather, it appears that his adventure has just began and that even greater heights are in store for him.

Burna Boy’s stunning sixth studio album, “Love Damini,” was released last year. It produced a number of top-charting singles, including “Last Last” and “For My Hand,” which featured Ed Sheeran. Burna Boy wowed crowds during his live performances in stadiums and arenas with his creativity and charisma.

With the highly anticipated release of his seventh studio album this year, Burna Boy is prepared to move up yet another level. He gave us the previously released single, “Sittin’ on Top of The World,” and a fascinating remix with the talented 21 Savage as a tantalizing teaser of this upcoming project.

Burna Boy’s enthralling song “Big 7,” which he thrilled audiences with during his live performances, is one that has sparked fans’ unquenchable yearning. Finally, “Big 7” has graced our ears at this long-awaited time. This single, Burna Boy’s third as a main artist to be released in 2023, is sure to have a big effect and further establish him as a major power in the music business.

Burna Boy, however, adds a further layer of complexity to the artistic masterpiece by completing “Big 7” with a visually arresting music video.

The seventh studio album by Burna Boy is now in production and is expected to display his infinite inventiveness as an all-around performer while captivating fans. With the release of the album just around the corner, Burna Boy’s fans all around the world are giddy with anticipation as they look forward to his upcoming aural voyage. Burna Boy has made an enduring impression on the music industry by entrancing listeners with his distinctive fusion of African sounds, thought-provoking lyrics, and contagious rhythms.

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