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I supported NPP because of Free SHS Policy- Kalybos reveals

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By Emmanuel Oti Acheampong

Ghanaian Comic movie Actor Richard Asante, widely known as Kalybos has revealed what made him throw his weight behind the governing New Patriotic Party in the 2020 general elections.

Kalybos revealed the reason behind the decision which generated different conversations across the media with some claiming he has betrayed his colleague actor, John Dumelo who was on the ticket of the NDC for Ayawaso West as a Parliamentary Candidate as one that has to do with the Free Senior High School Policy by the NPP.

In a discussion on TV3’s Ladies Circle, the Actor mentioned that, stemming from his family support system, the Free SHS policy was one initiative that he thought was laudable and could help him save some money and relieve him of some financial burdens of fee-paying.

“…For a long stretch of time, I could not save that because I always have to keep on paying fees. These fees go out to those entering into the secondary schools and the primary schools. So to me, my aim or my whole idea of supporting, I supported the policy of free education.

He added that since the inception of the policy he supported, he has been able to save some money which has been very beneficial to him and his family. He maintained that he supported the idea of the Free SHS and not any other idea by the party.

“Ever since it was implemented, I have to be selfish for once, now I can save something”, he added.

Kalybos further shared that, currently, the country’s economy does not look good and has made the ordinary Ghanaian’s life different from the usual. He admitted that the economic hardship is global after the pandemic but stressed that Ghana’s side is unbearable.

“Talking about the economy now, it’s crazy how things are going. This is not the Ghana we know. This is not the happy living citizens that you wake up, go to work and come back knowing there is something in your pocket. It is general but what makes it worse is when something is general and yours is like on top of it”, Kalybos said.

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