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I’ll never date a guy in his 30s because they never make sense – Lady

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A Ghanaian lady has made a controversial statement on social media after saying guys in their 30s don’t make sense during conversations.

According to the lady in a viral video, she is in her 20s and thinking of starting a relationship with a guy in her 30s but the problem is that guys in that age range don’t make sense.

She went ahead to say that, she would rather date men who are in their 40s than guys in their 30s.

Watch the video below:

Some people who were unhappy with her comments took to the comment section to bash her.

Check out some comments below:

Hassan.ovo: “She said she has experience 50%. We have 32million people in Ghana, and 38% are men betwn 15 to 35. This lady clearly doesn’t know what she’s on about Ghana women deir ????”

Mahorny_shredds: “3ny3 )mo fault oo wagyimi firi 20 na )de ab3wura 30???… saa nso na )de b3 firi 30 ak) 40 nti k) so a na di k) wai odo??”

Earlgenius123: “They want to free so they can date multiple men to be extorting moneys from them. 30s want marriage and 40s mostly are married men they won’t worry you… so just say you like sugar daddy’s”

Felimenz: “Run away from stress ooo my sisters. 30s go make u explain taya?”

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