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International Youth Day; “Green Skills For Youth | Features

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The theme for this year’s International Youth Day, “Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World,” sheds light on a pivotal focus area within career and skills development programs. It emphasizes the significance of nurturing green skills and fostering eco-friendly entrepreneurship as an integral part of the strategy for attaining sustainable development.
In the long run, all facets of society must seek to advance an agenda to instill a green mindset in young individuals, channeling their thoughts and actions towards sustainable development endeavors. Educators, serving as guardians of knowledge, must assume a paramount role in this endeavor. Curriculum development should embody a comprehensive integration of green principles, spanning various subjects to cultivate a holistic comprehension of sustainability. This approach will equip students not only with green skills but also with a profound reverence for nature and a steadfast commitment to its preservation for future generations.
Religious leaders, leveraging their guidance and influence, possess a distinctive platform for championing ecological stewardship as a divine responsibility. By seamlessly infusing eco-centric teachings into religious doctrines and practices, they hold the power to inspire followers to hold our planet in reverence and safeguard it. Similarly, traditional leaders, deeply rooted in local cultures and customs, harbor the potential to seamlessly weave sustainable practices into traditional rituals and ceremonies, thereby amplifying the message across generations.
As we approach the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their deadlines, the active engagement of young people becomes paramount in propelling our objectives forward. Youth involvement stands as a pivotal factor in not only sustaining achieved goals but also in striving to exceed overarching targets.
Governments across the globe must also be deliberate in structuring funding for green initiatives and in establishing frameworks such as tax incentives for environmentally-friendly projects. Such policy measures will serve as catalysts for green investments and will fortify existing initiatives, enabling them to achieve economies of scale. By structuring funding mechanisms and designing innovative financial instruments to back environmentally-conscious projects, governments can unleash a cascade of economic benefits that reverberate through various sectors of society.
One of the key economic benefits of such proactive measures lies in the creation of new employment opportunities. As governments allocate resources towards green initiatives, a surge in demand for skilled labor in areas like renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and eco-friendly infrastructure development will follow. This surge in job creation can help alleviate unemployment rates, stimulate local economies, and bolster consumer spending, thereby enhancing overall economic vitality.
At the Centre for Sustainable Environment and Socio-economic Legal Advocacy (CSESLA), we wholeheartedly celebrate the zeal and contributions of youth worldwide, urging them to persist in their mission of making the world a better place and infusing hope into an uncertain world. Happy International Youth Day! Cheers!

Source: Priscilla Adwoa Yeboah-Hammond (Sustainability & Policy Lead, Centre for Sustainable Environment and Socio-economic Legal Advocacy



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