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I’ve asked God to take my life the moment I conceive the idea of consulting a god for protection – Agya Koo

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Alexander Kofi Adu, popularly known as Agya Koo, is a celebrated figure in Ghana. With a long and impactful career in acting, his influence remains as strong as ever.

Throughout his career, Agya Koo has starred in numerous films, making significant contributions to the industry. He has established himself as a prominent and respected figure.

Agya Koo is a household name in the Ghanaian movie scene, beloved by both children and adults.

In a recent interview with Abena Gold on GHPage TV, the veteran actor made some notable statements.

Agya Koo revealed that he has prayed to God to take his life if he ever considers seeking protection from a smaller deity or using juju.

These comments came in response to a question from Abena Gold about the use of juju in the Kumawood industry.

Agya Koo emphasized that he would never turn to any deity other than God for protection in the Kumawood movie industry.

He stressed the importance of maintaining integrity and faith in God, regardless of the challenges faced in the entertainment industry.

He also encouraged young actors to remain steadfast in their beliefs. Agya Koo’s unwavering faith serves as an inspiration to many in the industry.


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